What happens if humans die in space?

We all know that our bodies decompose after death, but small density objects exist in space. That is, zero space is not empty.

Mainly, very small amounts of hydrogen plasma, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic fields, and neutrinos are located in this void.

Theoretically, it contains black objects and black energy. There is a lot of space that people have yet to imagine. So dead bodies do not rot in space like earth.

You won't get a chance to decompose the body in space.

Because all the bacteria in the body in radiation and airlessness will die or go into hibernation. If the body moves with the earth's orbit, it will become a mummy, boiled due to low pressure. Much like the bodies recovered in the city destroyed by a volcanic eruption in Pompeii, Italy.

What happens if humans die in space

Again, if the body is outside the solar system from the earth's orbit, where the temperature is below zero, the body will freeze and harden. Since the air vacuum does not speed up the transportation of heat, it may take days and even a few weeks.

Just as the body is good for years in the glaciers of Mount Everest or the Alps, the body will still be recognized in space for millions of years until it falls into an astrologer.

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