The Effect of Time on Human

Time's impact on humans

"When the time comes, there is no Achieved / When the time is not achieved "

"The flow of time and river does not wait for whom "

Perhaps you are all familiar with these two proverbs. But do you know the main meaning of these two proverbs? The main meaning of these proverbs is to give importance to time. Because time is a very important thing for us. 

The Effect of Time on Human

From our birth to our growing up, then growing up and dying, time affects all these stages of our lives. You will get older over time after you are born and you will die once you are born. But why does this happen? Why do we get older over time? And what is the impact of time in all these areas?

We know

If someone travels at the speed of light, the time becomes stationaries subject to him. And his age does not increase because of his stability in time. In that case, no matter how long someone travels at the speed of light, he will not get older. So this shows that time is affecting our aging. In other words, time is affecting every cell in our body. Time controls our birth, physical growth, adulthood, aging, and dying.

Do you know we feel the relativity of time? 

Yes, you all have this feeling of mine. When you're very disappointed or worried or in a bad situation, you think time seems to be moving slowly

 Again, when you're happy or have a good moment, you think time seems to be going a long way! But both these feelings are felt only subject to us, both of them at the time. It does not affect feelings. 

Time is always moving at its previous pace.  In my opinion, when we are frustrated or feeling depressed, we can feel the passage of time, and we understand how time is running out. But when we are good and cheerful, we can't feel the flow of time, so we're busy enjoying our good moments. 

"The flow of time and river does not wait for whom "

The above proverb is certainly true, but if you are a powerful man, you can make the river flow wait for you by binding the river if you want. But you can't wait for you with a thousand attempts even if you want to. Don't think you have a watch in your hand that you can control time. Because the clock is only a time-measuring device. You are not controlling time but time is controlling everything you have.

Remember, "Time does not take time to achieve this" so if you don't learn to give importance to time, time will leave you behind and move on.

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