Why would you marry a freelancer

 Why would you marry a freelancer?

If you marry me, you will get the benefits

There are many benefits to marrying a freelancer, which no other profession can offer. Here are some of the benefits: If you want to get these benefits, marry a freelancer in a group.

Freelancers spend most of their time in front of their computers. It is very difficult to get their attention at that time. As a result, you no longer have to spy. He will not have time to think about another girl.

Let's take a look at some of the other qualities of a freelancer that are very useful in family life.

1. They are rich: Freelancers work with big international IT firms and earn several times more than people of any profession in Bangladesh. Freelancers are always ready to join another company, so they do not have to be unemployed.

2. Always talk logically: Freelancers talk more to computers than people, so they always talk logically. Never tell you anything irrational.

3. Buy good things: Freelancers never buy bad, cheap, Gulistan products. It goes without saying that they don't have time to shop without a brand shop. As a result, you always get the best out of the market.

4. They are very romantic on the weekends: they are very romantic on the weekends. It will take you to good restaurants, to see movies, to take you to beautiful places. Which no one in another profession will do regularly.

5. They are good at solving problems: There are problems in the world, but freelancers can solve those problems in many beautiful ways. Because, buyers spend most of their time solving problems with revisions. In this they become experts in solving problems.

. They love gadgets: If you marry someone else you may get cakes, roses, ring gifts on your birthday or anniversary. But if you marry a freelancer, you can also get an iPhone with them.

. They want their child to be an entrepreneur: Freelancers want their child to be the future Steve Jobs. As a result, you don't have to worry about your child's future.

. They love to travel: They love to travel around the country whenever they have time. As a result, you can travel around the country with it.

9. They love to shop from abroad: maybe one day you will wake up and see that your house is full of foreign cosmetics. It is easier for freelancers to shop online in the US than in Bangladesh. So most of the time you will use foreign products. Which, if you marry someone in another profession.

10. They are at home 24 hours a day: Freelancers are at home 24 hours a day because they work from home. As a result, you will find your husband by your side in any need.

Now think about whether you will marry an ordinary person, work all day and wait for your husband in the evening, or marry a freelancer and live a life of comfort and love.


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