Officially Windows 11 update from October 5

Windows 11 update from October 5 

Windows 11 update from October 5

😲 Find out features

 Microsoft will start sending Windows 11 updates from October 5.

🎯 Windows 11 update will have multiple new features along with the Center Allied taskbar.

🎯 Installing Windows 11 on a computer will require at least two core processors.

Microsoft has officially announced that the new Windows 11 update is coming on October 5. This is the first time that the official announcement of the stable version has been received, despite several beta updates. The new Windows 11 update has multiple new features with the Center Allied taskbar. There are also multiple features, including Microsoft 365 integration. Microsoft has announced that all users in the Windows Insider Program will receive this new update to Windows from the day it is announced.

It is known that Microsoft will start sending Windows 11 updates from October 5. Even if there is no notification, if you go to the update option of Windows 10 after October 5, you will get a new update.

 Processors require at least two cores to install Windows 11 on your computer. Also need 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. At least 1GHz clock speed is required. Also requires secure boot capability and TPM security version support. Microsoft's latest post states that Windows 11 can be installed on Intel core X series and Xeon W series computer processors. The update will also match the Intel Core 7820HQ CPU. However, this update will only be available on a select few of the computers running this CPU. This update is especially relevant for computers that have declarative drivers, componentized and hardware support apps. One of which is Surface Studio 2. 

Microsoft has also stated that no separate version is coming for AMD processors. It is also claimed that AMD ZEN processors have been better tested in conjunction with AMD. You can also find out if the Windows 11 update will reach your device through Microsoft's PC Health Check app.

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