How to Successe in life. What else to do in life.

 What else to do in life. 

If I was in school or college all day, the rest of the time I would hang out with my friends, chat on Facebook and YouTube at night. Who went to his page and gave unreasonable reaction. Annoying the masses with massage. If you have a girlfriend, keep busy with love. Then go to sleep at 2-3 o'clock at night.

Is it going on like this? What to do next? After finishing varsity, he will come to our company with a certificate and give a job interview. Isn't that so?

The matter seems arrogant, right? How old are you?

My 25+. If you are my age as well, then what do I do and what do you do. I am also the son of a middle class family, you are also a son. My father used to run our family with a salary of 7-8 thousand rupees per month.

Now I leave the answer to your conscience.

Pride or reality, you know better than me.

As I wrote above, something extra is being done from these? And even if you spend more time on it than the above? Or does the name just do something extra?

Find out the difference between me and your daily routine. Only then can you improve your student life.

B: Note: In order for me to get this far, I have taken a break from the above mentioned tasks and given those times to my career. Where you spend your time is entirely up to you.

I'm a Stranger just to remind you.

I am middle class, I am so-and-so. No chance, no money. It takes money to learn something!

Hey keep your cheap sympathy !!!!! It took a computer worth 26,000 rupees to sort out my own life like this !!! Everything else did not burn with any money !!!!! YouTube Google was my teacher. That was in 2012. How old is today? Smart uses mobile again said poor? It takes money to learn to make income online ???? Don't worry !! I'm proof of that !!

The world does not move with these loose emotions! If you are angry, you can do it. We get angry when we hear these, because we know who is cheating on himself. And blame the middle class !!!

Stay well.

And yes, this owl foul can’t improve life by doing ha ha ho ho. If you want to improve, stop logging into Facebook unnecessarily.

This is Freelancer Nasim's speech

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