Ban PUBG, Free Fire: A Wrong Turn In A Wrong Way

 ♦ Ban PUBG, Free Fire: A Wrong Turn In A Wrong Way

BTRC has been implementing the High Court order banning games like #Pubg and Freefire for some time now. The impact is quite extensive.

These two games are addictive for gaming enthusiasts of all ages, from under 18 and over.

But on the pretext of policy degradation and long-term detrimental effect, the High Court directed the BTRC to take all necessary steps to stop the games for a period of about three months.

The main victims will be the online platform Facebook, the gamers who earn by streaming on YouTube. At one time the gaming community was very small, but now the mobile-based online games are being promoted in this country.

Many professional gamers have represented the country by participating internationally in games like Pubg Mobile and PC.

In that case, the High Court could have given instructions on age restriction or how long the game can be played below a certain age.

Shutting down the entire platform cannot be a significant role in resolving the issue. The Minister of Posts and Telecommunications or the BTRC has repeatedly written to platforms like Facebook and YouTube but they have not been able to ban Facebook, YouTube and Google in Bangladesh for not responding.

Even though such a large user-based Bangladesh is centered, these giant corporations are collecting revenue by doing business in Bangladesh by showing the government the values ​​of the laws of their country to the government of Bangladesh. However, in order to secure cyberspace, we are banning digital content instead of monitoring, which shows our disability.

Bangladesh Bank's Access to Information and Digital Bangladesh campaigns have been called into question by hackers in Bangladesh Bank as well as simple online games.

On the other hand, even if you ban / block 22,000 so-called websites for 18+ content, it can still be visited through the paid / free VPN app.

Banning can be a solution in this age of information technology. The Google Play Store or App Store has a lot of offline shooting and fighting based apps that can still be played by everyone, young and old.

That is why parents should be responsible not only for banning Pubg / Free Fire or G Bangla / Star Jalsa but also for controlling gaming.

By banning it, the government agencies have made these issues attractive to the tender young generation. Because, everyone is more attracted towards the banned things.

On the other hand, there is no anti-China sentiment in Bangladesh even though "Chinese" app Tokma is given as the main reason for apps like Pubji, Free Fire, Tiktak which are banned in India.

In fact, there is no instruction to practice in Bangladesh what will happen in the neighboring country. The move by Bangladesh has not sent a positive message to foreign app developers about the country. Rather, they will think 10 times before giving opportunities to gamers and app developers in Bangladesh in the future!

The policy makers of Bangladesh and the elders who bring judgments in the public court in the public interest should think about the advantages and disadvantages before filing a writ petition. There is no doubt that the High Court order has played an important role in making the ban more popular.

It would not be a surprise if the High Court rules against the BCB to remove the pitch if the foreign teams have blamed New Zealand and Australia for the loss of the pitch made for the Bangladesh cricket team.

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